6 New Classic Holiday Songs You Need to Hear!

Sia’s “Candy Cane Lane” bubbles and sparkles, just the way you’d expect a neighborhood street that overdoes it with decorations to feel. Stir your hot chocolate with a candy cane, and enjoy! 

The Big American Winter Holiday Musical Spectacular’s “Hot Cha-Cha Chocolate” boasts a bouncy Latin beat that feels just right behind the story of young love brought together by a warm holiday favorite! 

A flirty winter love song disguised in wrapping paper, Gwen Stefani’s “Secret Santa” feels like listening to a feel-good Drifters tune, just classic! Well, a new holiday classic that is.  

Meghan Trainor has her own little playful vibe that sets her apart, and it shows up fully in “My Kind of Present.” It’s like the Supremes all squeezed into one fun lady, with a super catchy little Christmas ditty! 

Listening to Dolly Parton & Michael Bublé sing “Cuddle Up, Cozy Down Christmas” feels like you’re hearing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” while on a front porch swing with a martini. It’s a strangely perfect balance that shouldn’t be missed! 

Like a throwback to the rise of new age swing in the 90’s, the Goo Goo Dolls’ “You Ain’t Getting Nothing” boasts a swanky brass section punctuating call-and-response chorus lines outlining a few ways tomake it on the naughty list.  

Merry Christmas!