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We are currently in development on a new film, Whisper, written by Julie Hinton.  This is a character drama that starts out at the peak of a rock singer’s career. She is injured in a mugging on her way out of the theater. Her body will recover, but her voice will not. Singing is all she knows. If she can’t do that, what is her purpose in life?  Claire and Jack decide to give Los Angeles a break and move to a cabin in Utah. He commutes back and forth in his successful song-writing career while she loses more and more of her identity. She deals with her own loss of self-worth as well as tensions in their marriage. Her husband is supportive but unable to help when she shuts him out.  It’s only through the care of generous neighbors and a new plan for life that she can find a way through the darkness.

Whisper is a story about overcoming loss and discovering new and unexpected paths in life. Life is rarely how we expect it will be, but always what we make of it. It explores the dynamics of friendship and marriage, business and charity. It is told through heartbreak and laughter, and leaves us wondering what we can make of our own lives and opportunities. 

In conjunction with Whisper, we have released a demo version of a new rock song called I’m Done With You.  This song is the opening track for the film and sets the stage for what’s to come.  A new recording will be released with the soundtrack to the film, but the demo is being promoted as a tool to raise interest and awareness of the film.  Performed by song- and screen-writer Julie Hinton, it is a defiant anthem about empowering oneself to leave the people and situations that hurt us.  

It is in the development stage at this time while funding is being secured.  News about funding achievements and casting will be updated on this page.  If you are interested in investing in the film, please contact Red Tape Productions at info@redtapeprods.com for an investor packet.

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