Moving Day – a short film

An IndieFEST Award of Recognition winner!

Moving Day is a short film about a typical moving day, except the traditional gender roles have been swapped.  In this comic film, the women do the lifting while the man gets lemonade and cleans the oven.  It had been submitted to multiple festivals and will be released on YouTube afterward.  Check back for updates!

Mike  Doug Mattingly
Amber   Julie Hinton
Jenny   Emily Rankin
Kate   Melia Bacon
Lisa   Kathryn Stefanic
Dad   Travis Morgan
Charlie   Charley Rankin
Gracie   Gracie Rankin
Producer/Director/Writer   Julie Hinton
Assistant Producer   Samantha Barrios
Cinematographer   Ian Mattingly
Editor   Jeff Dickson
Makeup   Charity Rawlings
Composer   Michael Turnblom
Sound Tech/Script Supervisor   Melissa Vermillion
Special Thanks to Cami Ashton