Whisper Audition Information

Thanks for auditioning for this world premiere workshop of the new musical, “Whisper”!

PLOT: When a rock singer’s life is tragically and permanently lost, she moves to a secluded cabin in the mountains with her new husband, forcing herself to re-evaluate her career, her relationships, and the power of a voice. (See teaser video at bottom of page)

Morgan-Wixson Theater in Santa Monica, CA – 2627 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica CA 90405

Performance date Saturday, June 24th at 8pm.

A second round of auditions will be on Saturday, May 27th from 1-4pm at the Parish Center Hall at St Martin of Tours Catholic Church (11955 W. Sunset Bl, 90049). Look for the signs saying “cantor auditions”. The Parish Center is on your left as you enter the driveway. Please do not disturb the Rectory resident or enter the church.

If you cannot make that time, please email info@redtapeprods.com to discuss self-tape options. The cast list will be posted by Tuesday May 30th and materials distributed via email.

You will be asked to sing one of the songs from the show and read from the script. Sides and music can be downloaded below.

REHEARSALS: A Zoom read-through on Saturday June 3rd from 4-7 is encouraged but not required. All other rehearsals will be held at the theater. Mandatory dates are Friday June 23rd from 7-10pm and Saturday June 24th from 9am-6pm, with the show later that night. Chorus and many minor roles will only be called those three days. Rehearsals for leads will also be held 6/10, 6/16, 6/17 & 6/18, though not everyone will be called each day.

This will be a workshop performance – actors will NOT be required to memorize and may hold scripts/scores throughout. They will, however, be asked to learn their own music before coming to in-person rehearsals. Demo tracks and minus tracks will be provided after casting to aid in learning – all songs will be performed to those minus tracks. Actors will also be asked to provide their own (normal, modern-day) costumes. Sets will be “suggested” and some props may be mimed.

AUDITION FORM CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE. It will also be provided at the in-person auditions.

  • This is a free production – no tickets will be sold (though donations toward production costs are encouraged), and no one involved will receive any payment, stipend, etc. However, you will receive Julie’s undying gratitude and perhaps a baked good at rehearsal.

CHARACTERS (color-blind casting will be observed for this performance):

Claire35-45, Mezzo with wide range – PRE-CAST
Claire is a rock star. Her voice is taken from her, leaving her only the power to whisper. Fiercely independent, yet grounded. Includes kissing scenes.
Jack35-45, Baritone (5’10” or taller)
Jack is Claire’s new husband. Up-and-coming music producer, work is all-important. Includes kissing scenes.
Tony50+, bass
Long-time agent, and good at it. Slightly slimy, but quite paternal when it comes to Claire.
Susan30+, mezzo
Claire’s publicist. Self-absorbed, unintentionally insensitive.
Alisi35-45, alto
Mountain mother of 6. Tongan. Down-to-earth, tells it like it is.
Karen30-40, soprano
Mountain mother of 4. VERY caring of her neighbors.
Tatiana18-30, mezzo
Self-absorbed rising pop star and influencer, working with Jack on her next album.
Tevi14ish, tenor
Alisi’s son. Loves music, and followed Claire’s career. Guitar-playing a plus.
Jesse30-50, bass
Keyboardist in Claire’s band, and good friend. About to have his first baby. Includes a kiss.
Mike30-40, no solos
Karen’s husband. Sports-obsessed. Super-helpful.
Puke35-45, no solos (pronounced poo-kay)
Alisi’s husband. Tongan. Jovial. Having marital issues and doesn’t know why.
Marcella25-40, mezzo
Jesse’s wife, newly pregnant. Includes a kiss.
Backup Singers/Dancersage open, mezzo
On tour with Claire’s band
Kids5-18 (two teenage solos)
Various children of Alisi, Karen and other mountain neighbors
Chrissy18-30, no solos
Transgender woman, assistant to Claire, often annoying
*Other assorted minor characters, some with lines and/or solos. Double-casting possible depending on audition turnout. Not all roles have audition sides or songs – read for another character and indicate on your form which one(s) you’re interested in and if you’re willing to take another role not listed here.

[We’re also looking for non-performing staff like ushers, stage crew, costumers and tech assistants. Please let us know if you or others may be interested.]

AUDITION SIDES CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE. A few copies will also be provided at the auditions.

AUDITION SHEET MUSIC CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE. A few copies will also be provided be at the auditions

Song #1: Learn To Be a Person – Karen & Alisi (all women auditioning may sing this song – sopranos learn Karen’s part and altos learn Alisi’s)

Song #2: Writing a New Song (rep) – Tevi (all tenors auditioning may sing this song)

Song #3: Whisper (rep) – Tatiana (those auditioning for Tatiana or the Backup Singers may sing this song – you don’t need to stick with the riffs on the page. The first recording is as written. The second is the original version this is based on that you can create your own riffs from, if you prefer.)

Song #4: My Choice – Jack (all baritones/basses auditioning may sing this song. The recording was done an octave up – please audition in your normal register.)

Song #5: Welcome To the Neighborhood – Chorus (anyone only interested in the chorus may sing this song – any part)

Production staff:

Director: TBA

Choreographer: Amy Lawrence

Production Stage Manager: Emily Ellis

Technical Consultant: Bill Wilday

Producer: Julie Hinton


The following video runs through the plot of the show with musical snippets in 6 minutes:

(SPOILER ALERT: Stop the video about a minute from the end if you don’t want to hear the resolution!)

The following is a slightly extended version if you want to hear a bit more of the music: