BAWHMS! – Annual Holiday Concert


Looking for a way to laugh during the holidays?!

The concert is all original, mostly funny, and more-than-marginally entertaining. They think. Regardless, Julie Hinton and Diego Hellewell are coming back for two live performances in December that now include songs about seasonal candy, Franken-Santa and pirates at Christmas, as well as perennial favorites regarding extraplanetary holiday traditions, excessive lighting displays and unconfirmed offenses against elves. 

The music spans genres from blues rock to Broadway, pop to power ballads, and traditional to extraterrestrial. The concert in Los Angeles is approximately two hours long (including an intermission), and it’s family-friendly too! Bring the whole family for a hearty holiday experience!

These songs are going to be legendary holiday classics one day!”

– a commenter on YouTube
  • Songs and videos from previous years can be found on the BAWHMS YouTube Channel.  Subscribe to be notified when new ones post. (Plans are in place for at least two this season!)
  • Patrons to the live concert will be subject to current Los Angeles safety standards which may or may not include masks, vaccinations, etc.
Diego and Julie backstage at Who’s the Ross in November 2019